Too many questions confuse the brain and stress it!



Asking too many questions:

Asking too many questions during a conversation can create the feeling of an uncomfortable interrogation which feels threatening. You need to ask questions during a conversation to keep it going smoothly but too many repulses humans.

Too much and too fast conversation:

Slow down when talking or you will start including unimportant random thoughts which are not understandable and make it more difficult for humans to follow the thoughts which you are saying too fast. Don’t forget to put emotion into your important facts or opinions and pause a little after making an important point so that it attracts attention and makes humans more attentive to your talking.

Rudely interrupting a conversation:

Some humans are so anxious to get their information across that they will try to rudely inject a thought before you are finished talking. Don’t rudely interrupt unless the human is talking too much…

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