Language can be funny and BRING us closer


I have been an English teacher in Thailand for about nine years now and languages jokes never GET old.  They don’t.

They don’t because they are simple and always BRING me closer to my Thai students and Thailand, my second country of origin.

*I am a grade school teacher and their sense of funny is great.  They usually never hold back!  They can’t.  They are ten year olds.

Examples of funny:  the slang work in America “prick” means politely, a mean person.  I like that, politely!  In Thai, “prick” means chille pepper.

*So, when someone calls you a prick, tell the m thank you!  I am hot!

Another example:  “key” This word in most English as a first language countries means, the metal to open the door.  It Thai it means feces, poop, doo doo.

*So when you friend can’t kind his key, tell him it is in the sewer, down the toilet with all the other “key”

In summary:  language is fun if you learn about each other’s languages.  I like cooking Chinese food.  Why not study Chinese?

Have a good day,

Mr. G


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