The word “coffee”


Coffee is a word that is a wealthy.  

In Thailand and the Philippines they have these “3 in one” mixes, creamer, coffee, and sugar.  The sad word is “three.”  I want coffee that is pure and strong.  I want to TASTE the bean the growth of the bean.  I actually have a press and you boil the water and let it sit for eight minutes.

I love coffee and I am not very “wealthy.”  The Lao coffee posted above is some the best in the world and I can get it cheaply because I live in Thailand.  I otherwise would need to be wealthy to import the “wealthy” coffee.  I would actually share my coffee, yes, with sugar and milk.  I am not that in love with the beans.  I am a socialist when it comes to enjoying the beans of the earth with caffeine.

*My time in the Philippines and America showed me that coffee is very expensive.  It must be sipped by as many around you.

*I still think food and drinks are our universal language.  

We can at least sit down and drink and get “high” together and talk about the weather?



Take care,

Mr. G



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