Language can be funny and bring us closer, PART 2


In Thailand you have to say, “korp kun kap”, a lot.  You say thank you and bow your head a little and put your hands together. This is called “thanking someone” and “waiing” them.

-Now, many people do not like to be over polite in western countries.  What is fun here, is that you can switch your gender.

“Korp kun KA” is thank you for women and “Korp kun KAP” is for men.

-Thais like gay men a lot.  So, if you want to make friends faster, use the Ka if you are a man and if you want to be “Tom” or a lesbian, use Kap.

*This play erases or eases the word “prejudice” and awkwardness about sexual identity and orientation.  There is a lot less violence from the “straight” people towards the “gay, lesbian, or transgender.”

Words do means a lot in English but also in Thai.  The words you use could make you friends and bring “innocent” laughs.



Take care,

Mr. G


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