kids want to SEE the “supernatural”


All children want to see the “unseen” and I don’t blame them.  I think they should look elsewhere than with the names like “Harry” and “Potter.”

But how?  When all they can read is translations of “the lion king 12”

We need stories, yes “stories” and new ones.  It takes courage to let go of what we think is the best the greatest.  There is always a new story and yes it may be similar to another one but if it comes from your own heart and with “your” language it may just change the creative foundation of someone’s conscious life.  What an 8 year old, may about, may alter.

This is the sweetest cake for a culture, for a country, and for a “language.”  It we all mold our languages and transform their sequence of usage of certain words, then maybe a new gene pool of language and writing can arrive.

*I will try here!  Here is a new story inspired by the Bangprakong River here in Thailand.





In the land Before there were monsters, there were Rivers

These rivers moved slowly because of the hidden golden fish that would swim from town to town.
The people started to grow hungrier every day.  Why would the rivers take the fish away?
There was someone who was wise.  He stood alone above these golden fish.
“The fish must leave before we get fat”
“But sir, many are hungry!”
“That is why I swam below and cut the nets.”
“But why sir, we could use this meat?”
“Some people take a little, some too much.  The river can hold enough for us”
“But what happens in the river, around that bend?”
“This is where the greedy sleep, most of the day and night”
“Can we watch them and stop them from taking too much?”
“Can we hold all the birds in the trees and make them sleep?”
“No sir, they will fly, some will get away”
“Same with these greedy folk.  I must let some fish go because this is how life works”
“And sir some animals always get away?”
“Yes, and some want to stay”
The young boy watched the river and stared at the golden shimmering fish.
Some of them were smiling.
They were leaving through holes in the mighty nets.
Mr. G



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