Why are we so “inadequate?”

What is “beauty”? Is it not on the “skin” also?

People say that beauty is in the “eye of the beholder,” but are they trying not to define the word. Women are jealous of each other about “skin color”, “cup size”, and the list goes

I wonder if it jealousy or that women have to compete with one another for a “man” who has “money.”

Money can not buy love but why do many pursue rich men and change their beauty to be the women with the most altered “skin”?

They feel that this so called, inner and outer “beauty” is not enough.

Why not? Why do we always waste beauty on “change” and the word “inadequacy”?

Mr. Gabi


7 thoughts on “Why are we so “inadequate?”

      1. Because unfortunately commercials and the western world have put a stamp defining what ‘beauty’ is and unfortunately too many women cannot manage to find the strength within themselves to realize it is our uniqueness that sometimes makes us beautiful…

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