the English word “angles”

Why are mathematicians looking the the “right” angle when they are everywhere? I think women are beautiful and I know the model Jessica Gomes has excellent angles but what if she had a bad shape and she was just a 35 degree angle.

Angles are important because there is order to this universe and we need to know words like, “acute”, “obtuse” “straight”, and the famous one, “right”. Why are there no “wrong” angles and would these “off” angles make women feel better about themselves and that


I admire Jessica with all the eyes as a straight male. My angles are probably 20 degrees. We should enjoy Google and Yahoo and those “search” engines to come up with other sexy angles. When you type in sexy woman or man for that matter,

What “angle” are you only hoping for? I still like the straight angles that just go on forever. And this is not because I am “straight!”


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