taking a flushing toilet for “granted”…a rough draft

I know life is more difficult. I took life for granted in America. I could flush with a thumb. Now I use a pail. My fingers do hurt! And sometimes your toilet need quiet a few bucket loads for the heavy times when you use your “banyo”. In all languages we need a word for granted and toilet.

The real thing I want express is that in the Western World you get so many luxurious toilets and you keep wanting to upgrade. in 1998 when I first made my big adventure from America to Manila and the Philippines I had no clue what I would find! heading for my first restroom visit. It was worse in the Philippines that Thailand. I am proud of our Chinese style toilets where washing down a “load”

If you sitting on a toilet in Miami think if your toilet has a plunger and where does all your sewer go to. There are real sewer storage places. Because I flush my own “poo poos” I don’t take for granted flushing western toilets or where my waste goes to. Please stop eating if you are reading this.


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