They say short stories are dead and gone and I say the hell with you.  

There is my neighbor who sits and blogs for hours and you hear the colicky and clacky of his computer.  You would think he has a million readers or something to that effect but I decided to search this lonely Internet for his blog.  I’m not sure why Erik, my neighbor, is lonely, but sitting for hours and writing to imaginary people on the Internet is lonely.

i decided to write about Erik because your only friends could be just sitting on their laptops all over the world and just stating at the screen.  We don’t really need billions of Erik’s posting photos and making corny jokes so he can have strangers laugh with him.  I’m pretty he write comedy blogs and post photos.  His laugh seems genuine and it is strong and loud.  I never see visitors except from the cafe,  




2 thoughts on ““alone”

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Alone is what we make of it. One can view the world and not be in it or be in it and not a part of it. One finds balance and inner peace in many different ways which might be strange to others. All the best to you.

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