“go for broke”


I am all with trying my best but why loose all you money trying.  I could put glue on my hands and catch some bills as they fell.

Let’s rephrase this, “Go for broke but keep your purse open.”  We can try for some wonderful and meaningful careers and climb all the ladders until we reach the roof.  I would like something besides photos to remember what I have done.  I don’t want orgies at 70 but could I have little “toy” parties?


Let us change some other phrases, “don’t read over my shoulder.”

What if you smell really good.  Why would I turn you away?  I could follow you around like a cocker spaniel and have everyone stare.  

Do you know why they would stare, besides me being a grown man following my attractive wife around the block?

My tail would be wagging and I have no tail and wearing a woman’s purse.  What would the tail be?


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