You say “Morocco”

I was young and 14 and I heard the tale from my father about a parade and people on camels. They seemed like the strangest animals and so high off the ground and I always wondered where the spit went when they walked as they would in a parade.

We make new events, words, and countries part of our language and then we associate an image with the word, or country.

-Now, tell the truth, when you hear the English word, “Cock,” do you think of the rooster of first?

-And now what about Morocco or Saudi Arabia, do you have amazing, and beautiful images like the attached one or do you see guns?

-What about the word “shower”?

…what do you think about image and word merging and how words shape how we perceive others and countries and cultures?

…Can we really get away from stereotyping?


2 thoughts on “You say “Morocco”

  1. Travel opens your eyes! When you hear Ethiopia you have an image of desert and famine. I spent a month there and it’s one of the greenest places I have been too. One if my favourite destinations and the people are so beautiful and the history so rich 🙂

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