Now these are words and phrases I am learning for my trip.  I know the notes are disorganized.

but what if I want to tell a stranger, “I have gas!

-how do I say?

see the useless notes I took:


Sin gam un. Thank you Cảm ơn bạnimage

Sin Tao Hello xin chào

Bao niaw. How much? Bao nhiêu?

I want to pay. Doy min tra Tôi muốn trả

Where is the Bathroom? nơi là phòng tắm? Noy la fon tam

Where is post office? Trường hợp là bưu điện? Buu deein

Spicy? Fo ga vee có gia vị

Tasee. Taxi

Mot one một.

Water nước Nucor

Tissue. Mô. Mo


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