Perceiving my friend the bottle another time. (Unit 2 and perception)

This is viewing life from the other side from the bottom end.
This is viewing life from the other side from the bottom end.

After reading chapter 3 from Sparks of Genius: The Thirteen Thinking Tools of the World’s Most Creative People, I came across its definition of perception is that the key to perceiving correctly is to get the mind to be trained to tune into all the senses and truly see something for what it is (p. 43). So, I will explore with you my feelings on perceiving and how I truly see this bottle that you see on my WordPress post. The great writers are seen as keen observers of all they see. Perceiving is about tuning and changing the way you mind sees and observes by focusing on your senses and seeing an object visually, in a tactile fashion, in a listening fashion, in a tasteful fashion if that is possible, in an audio fashion.

My original observation was as follows: I’m sitting here staring and my object. It is full of liquid now and this quenches my thirst on these hot and sweaty hectic Thailand afternoons. I can sip from this big bottle of plastic and feel refreshment and relieved and the homeostasis of my body, I feel like my body is getting back to normal. This bottle is hard and flexible to the touch and it is hard to see through the bottle due to the water still high, almost the top. I can refill this bottle over and over for a while. But plastics do wear out just like us humans and they need to be replaced.

I love films about robots and their function in life and their thoughts about happiness, living forever. Now this bottle is not a robot and can’t talk to me but it shows me things. I am perceiving it in its ‘usable’ state. And this makes me think about the lonely used up bottles but for now I ‘need’ it. And it feels good to be needed, for me as a human, by other humans. But the lifelessness of the water bottle is strange and cold and very inhuman. Plastic objects started from laboratory projects where they invented the types of plastics we use. So like the robot, they come from a cold and empty world.

But this bottle is needed by me now. It doesn’t need me really. It could stay itself until it eventually breaks down and the water flows out. So, I give it life because I am the human who needs this artificial creation. I actually wish I could talk to it, you know?

I re-imagined this bottle with different water in it as I took pictures of it. I posted the pictures where the water moves and interacts with the sunlight and even looking through the bottle. I can taste its artificialness and hear the water move and feel the soft yet hard plastic but I do see this bottle with my mind and my senses and this I enjoy. I can create or actually see the beauty of the water in the bottle by visual observations, by listening again to the sounds it makes, the taste of the water coming off the its plastic mouth .

Do I see this bottle differently? Yes, I focused my mind on its beauty and eccentricity in a different way but I did that the first time. I see the whole version of my perceptions and it is more detailed now. I know that the bottle is thinner that I thought and it truly is pretty to use the camera and see the “other” side. This vision is created with this lonely and cold object. I hope it lives long with the help of other observers.

-Here are some more photos of my “re-imaging sessions”

Water is something that takes it shape.
Water is something that takes it shape.






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