Those people are “different.”

[dif-er-uh nt, dif-ruh nt]
Spell Syllables
Synonyms Examples Word Origin
not alike in character or quality; distinct in nature; dissimilar:

Are they different and in what ways?
Are they different and in what ways?

The difference in peoples may be greater than we think. I know we all want happiness and to connect with others and to have people love us and understand us and we all want someone to talk with. But then there are others who want to remain more silent and choose their words with more contemplation. I used to think that we all truly wanted many of the same things and I think this still holds true. I know we all want that food to fill our bellies and we all may want to laugh and we want a roof over our heads, water to drink.
I think the idea that we want to take care of ourselves and love others is about the only commonality we share. Everyday you read and hear about refugees and you may think oh, they are Syrian, and their faith is Islam, and such, and they dress in such as way. I say celebrate our differences. This mother and son are Libyan by the way. This little boy in the picture may be thinking, “Why are you taking a picture of my mother, she is married!” The fault I have with my thinking is that I know what people want or need in the world is the same as myself, but I need to actually sit down and see if we like the same foods and music, do we like to dance, do we live with our in-laws? Can we show our mid-drift in public? Can my daughter show her hair to adult men?
Our differences and what connects us may help us and protect and bring us together. I know this boy needs to pee and may like playing with toys and other children and doing things on his own. He may want to be around his mother a great deal at his age. The Western world assumes that the Others want the same things and that all children are the same. I do think children develop in similar ways. And we all get hungry, and we love, and need to use the restroom, get sleep, talk care of our bodies and our body temperatures.

I am interested. Are our difference more important in uniting the world?

Any comment is wonderful!



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