“Recycle” what?


I love to use things over and to think about old ideas and change the idea or shape it again. I know I use plastics because I am in this modern world but I wonder, who is in charge of what we recycle? When I visited the Philippines a great deal of people bun all plastics and the stench fills the area. Everyone is looking for this symbol:

Who determines what gets melted down and used again? I feel like why did the “scientists” invent plastics because there is a system of what plastics are better? Their is a hierarchy and it is silly. What not melt down all plastics to re-use them? It makes me think about the companies who came up with the technology and who gave them monies to melt what? Did they have a straw poll, water bottles are ok but plastic bags are not? And why does this change per country? America and in Berkeley, the land of rightfulness, used to recycle about every plastic. So, saving the planet is based on how much money your central government has?
I do like that in India you can melt plastic bags and make a beautiful new handbad and sell in for hundreds back in America on 5th avenue. I like when the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th worlds can kick the 1st Western world in the bum. They can direct their own progress. I used to get annoyed visiting my wife’s family in Tabon, Philippines, all the burning in the morning of all plastics, and how does this affect the environs there? But taking power of what you think is important and worth saving and turning plastics into a capitalist profit, I say more power to you.
I do need a gas mask though but I still am smiling.


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