Sunny’s Creative Vision (my interview)

Sunny is an English teacher and creative person. He seems to eat and breath creativity. Here is a picture he created by computer software and one of his many pieces of poetry and prose.


Here is some poem he created, this one funny:

So when you leave
you pack most clothes
you fill the backpack
you feel the bag with certificates
and definitely not forgetting
your camera your laptop
your passport your ipad
giving away fridges and tvs
plates and glasses and spoons
giving away shampoos
hangers, soaps but
keeping the fork
god they hate you at airports,
but what the fork, why the fork?
to scratch your back in emergency

Part 1:
I interviewed a friend of mine who I feel is very creative and probably about as much as myself. His name is Suneal Varma and I shared a couple of ways he creates. He writes about three poems a day and draws and paints about three paintings a day. We did our interview via Facebook Messenger. He left wonderful audio messages based on my questions about creativity that were related to our assignment. I used to teach with him in the middle of Thailand and now he is in a remote place up north. His definition of creativity is writing or painting from his own free will, it can’t be forced out. He feels that this energy is not forced onto something, otherwise it is not creative. His writing comes out of his travels. He has lived in New Zealand, Australia, born in India, and now lives in Thailand.
His process is to connect to his travels and that he gets excited by people, places, and good and bad experiences. He is much attuned to the need for good and bad in life. To me, he is the most spiritual person I know. He was born in India so many of his songs that he sings, another creative part of himself, come from childhood in India. I am not sure what his faith or religion is but experiences, what happens and what he makes happen affects him and he loves to create from his life. He explained though that his paintings are to relieve the stress or boredom and the fact he is not married and gets lonely and wants to relax so he paints using painting software.

The reading was excellent in that being creative is not splashing some paint on the board and walking away. There is a definition for teachers and this will help us make a rubric for grading. I’m an art teacher so this helps with my own marking when I get artwork from a student. In the fine reading from our unit, “Rethinking Technology & Creativity in the 21st Century,” from page 12, each creative assignment must be looked up with the “NEW” approach which appears to me a fine tool to judge creative works done online and even in my class. I should look at each piece of creative work to see that it is novel meaning “fresh”, effective meaning “valuable”, and whole, meaning “ordered.” This seems to be a wonderful way of looking at Sunny’s work and well as my own. I usually think of the concept first, the meaning, something that is valuable, the effective part and then expand the idea from there.
This effective part, my emotional connection to an idea, or theme from a film, music, what I read, what I heard from my family, leads me to create the valuable or effective part of a creative work. I need to be creative every day and sometimes I must get the space from work and family and go it alone somewhere where I can think about the meaningfulness in the world and bring it back to my reality in a drawing, a poem, or in a photograph. The key is making the time. I create something that using is effective in nature. Then I focus on the newness of this thought or feeling and then I try and make it valuable by trying to understand it. I am fascinated by human actions and emotions and these inspire me.


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