I AM so happy we are making American products Again!


I am an economist maybe at heart and maybe this Klugman writer knows it all, that guy from the New York Times. He watches everything, reads everything like a hawk. I like is observation skills. He is almost everywhere, on Twitter, Facebook, but not Instagram. Maybe he does not care about taking photos for photos sake. He hates ‘selfies.’ I want to tell you why these selfies will save our planet. They will make us into more self-indulgent, patriots, where ever we live.
They say that the ‘dumbing down’ of America left off where Dewey the famous scholar in American education left off. But as you can see with the hat, if Americans were patriotic would they try to emulate people like Franklin to self taught himself everything and truly believed in an excellent America where people read, could think for themselves, were self disciplined in their morality, could even invent, but most of all they could feel like the were “progressing” and becoming better citizens.
Now I am an expat working overseas for many years and you may ask, why I am I still poking at the average American for not using their “brains.” I love the land and people and I know not everyone can be like a surfer. I knew many living in Santa Barbara, California, and traveling to Santa Cruz, California, and being in Venice, California. I understand what these surfers want to learn. They want to learn about surfing and the sea. They know their area of “expertise.” Many people that want to be patriots because of their love of patriotism need to learn about the real patriots.
Now, we all love Steve Jobs but his company gave away all the work, the “hand” work, “the hard work,” to Chinese citizens. They may love these gadgets but I’m sure if they can afford them. So, true patriots know what is made from their own country. They realize tradition. They adapt to the changing world. They understand that profits are not all you need to eat. They sell profits light at any store now. The profit engine, is what destroys patriotism, because the money goes to a few. I want to love my country for what it benefits the world and myself and not just me.
Reading is patriotic. You need to know about what is really happening to your country. And in America school is free not like in many places. So here is your image of patriotism that you should try to make a profit of by inviting people to come.



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