I can connect the “knobs” also.

When the digital age of photography was running towards us, old photographers, who still dipped our paper into chemicals, to create an image, felt annoyed and pissed, to be honest. I felt like “digitalness” and the coming of the new age of camera technology was not NEEDED and the new cameras would take awake the “art” of photography. So many artists fought for the creative process to create photos with meaning, with character, and changed the art form from the beginning of the box camera to Ansel Adam’s wonderful camera, to become one of the pioneers of “creativity” with the camera. The article focus on seeing the points or the “knobs” and creating something from experience and what has been created. I feel that Ansel “knew” about these “knobs” of creativity from existing photographers and created something worthy of looking at that was new and novel in its’ own right, whole, it had substance. This is from one of our earlier readings and seeing photos as NEW.
Here is a picture of Ansel Adams himself and after that one of his “creative” photographs from Yosemite Valley at the National Park in California, in America.

ca. March 23, 1961 — Original caption: Portrait of Ansel Adams, who first started his professional career as a pianist and later turned to the camera for self-expression. Since publication of his first book, “The High Sierras,” a pictoral study, in 1927, he has been known for his striking, detailed photographic studies of nature, and particularly of the Far West. He divides his time between his studio in San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. Photo filed 3/23/1961. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS


My song is from the band Eels who I feel can connect the knobs and create something new from existing songwriters and creators. I think they take old music forms and styles and create new songs, from experiences, that have meaning and worthy of our time. Steve Jobs talks about in the article. He talks about creating something from experience and in a way building off the those you shared their ideas before. Creative people can use these “knobs” and connect them to create unique yet “collaborative” works in a way. The experience the singer shares and the examination of it is what led me to this song. I relate to its experience because I relate to the singer and his words.
Here is the original song and its words and then I will post my “re-creation” or their creation based my experiences in life and how I function and “process” as a creative person. The article does work in that we are “creating” by using experiences and what has been created and building from this. This is like the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The engineer was using what had been created before and took the elements of bridge making and made something his own. Thousands come to see the bridge. It has worthiness and it is exciting still but he owes those that came before, the bridge engineers. It was a “collaborative” project which the article focuses on with the article we read. Enjoy this collaboration with The Eels and Ansel Adams and all photographers that came before me!

And now the words to “Railroad Man” and the video. Try and absorb the words and feeling and theme. I try and re-create something from my own experience in life, mostly the feeling of loss, of change, so that the world and photographic art change better itself somehow with all this “software” such as Adobe Photoshop and Aviary for the Ipad that I do use.

“Railroad Man”

Feel like an old railroad man
Ridin’ out on the bluemont line
Hummin’ along old dominion blues
Not much to see and not much left to lose
And i know i can walk along the tracks
It may take a little longer but i’ll know
How to find my way back

I feel like an old railroad man
Who’s really tried the best that he can
To make his life add up to something good
But this engine no longer burns on wood
And i guess i may never understand
The times that i live in
Are not made for a railroad man

I feel like an old railroad man
Getting on board at the end of an age
The station’s empty and the whistle blows
Things are faster now
And this train is just too slow
And i know i can walk along the tracks
It may take a little longer but i’ll know
How to find my way back

And here is their video!: The video

-And here is my song, and finding my own way back to photography and creativity, sort of.

“Old Camera Man” by Gabriel Metzger

Feel like an old camera man
Developing pictures in a tub of chemicals
Singing along to Ansel Adams
Not much to do, auto correct the JPEG photo
And I know I can walk to find an old lab
It may take me putting a dark room in a lighted one
I can still develop a photo

I feel like an old camera man
Who’s really tried to do digital nonsense
To make these photos look like art
But this film no longer needs exposure
And I guess I may never never like digital trash
And I understand the reason why Kodac went bangkrupt
These times are not made for an old camera man

I feel like an old camera man
Getting on board with my K Zoom digital camera
I can move the screens on this dumb camera
Faster now, photography is
And this cameraman is just too slow
And I know I can walk to find an old lab
It may take me putting a dark room in a lighted one
I can still develop a photo

Closing thoughts:
I wish I could play this on a guitar because I could create something with my voice and changes the mood and maybe the meaning of the words. I agree with other artists that add to Jobs thoughts about creating things. I always lived with the art historians who feel that art is an imitation of life around yourself. I have always felt that my experience and the way I see life and the ideas I have learned shape my photos, short stories, and my screenplays. I had to do more than photography because I feel that photography did lose something and can never really get it back. And this is painful for me till today. But, if I go to Europe I think, I think I can still find old dark rooms.


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