We Should All Open Our Hands, Pockets, Mouths, Orafices

Don’t fight the corruption, learn from these masters!


I know what you are thinking, we make can moral changes and lock these “savages” away. But, from the Christian standpoint, we were born corrupt and we need a pardon. I say, forget your pardon. Be your own judge. Try and be corrupt three days a week. Monday, you have to do Monday. Everyone is in a rush so ask for, demand, extort, and get your share on Mondays. Everyone is cranky? Be careful who you ask money for and how direct. The key to being “part-time corruptors” is in the focus and don’t ever be direct on Mondays. But people are tired and not ready for some corruption. You can take other things that don’t belong to you. Everyone is busy. Siphon your neighbors gas.
It is ok to be a part time corrupted individual. Then be a saint on the other days. Do random acts of kindness like repairing trees and walking the elders across busing highways. Just remember to keep a smile and stay awake for the takings. Wikileaks and everyone are watching so be more clever. Corruptions has to happen in small terms now or just pretend you work for Time Warner and use their corporate e-mail address etc. You can make the truly rich your “scapegoats.” People measure corruption on the pain scale. How much money that is stolen makes people more corrupt than others.
Smile and keep your hands open, pockets, bags, put yourself in situations where you can take advantage of others drama. Try to act the fool but put yourself out there. There are no corrupt people in the closet.


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