Oh, it Is Hot In Here (abstracting experiments)

And now moving into our “abstracting” with a poem and then digital art piece. Both titled “Hot”

Here is the art piece


And the poem

1. hot (ode to recycling)

Burn, burning up, and burning down,
It looks like syrup when it hits the ground.
It just makes me sweat all this fuss,
All this compound.

Metal flakes don’t taste
Good on your cereal,
Golden light shines onto me,
This aluminum is free.

-Will you make it colder,
Please oh baby please,
Ice it up, mold it, hold it, fold, it
Hot and then cold.
Such a tease.

And my comments

a) your understanding of the cognitive tool of abstracting

I must focus my mind like a needle, and focus on a part of the structure of an idea.

b) the specific abstraction you chose and why

When I think of recycling, the needle in my mind, like the needle, for an old record player, plays in the track “hot.” This is what interests me about the recycling process is the melting down and maybe the cooling process. I remember reading about Picasso and the image of his bull and thus for me mentally, I could see the melting and cooling process in my mind. This made the process come alive and it inspired me actually. I went into the poem trying to express being in a plant and working on the process, “making science primal”, the process of melting aluminum down, and waiting until it cooled.

I avoided abstractions in the past but when I see my photographs and then when I looked at them, at times, I focus on light and especially light on leaves. I think this helped me and led me to something visual like seeing the melt down, the breaking down of forms. Breaking down the form is difficult but I enjoyed it.

c) How this process helped me “abstracting.”

I was helped by visually looking at old photographs and then seeing that I had been abstracting at times, like focusing only on the contracts of light and dark, so focusing on the way light hit the flower for example. So, the poem seems to eaze out but I am unsure how “abstract” it is. I wanted to make it a physical poem where the sight of melting and maybe the heat could be felt. My digital picture I tried to get at that heat and see if I could convey it and make it come forth.

The hard process for doing an “abstracting process” is the idea that my mind must focus on “one” element. Some of the illustrations from our text were on the underlying chemical makeup of a pineapple for example. This is like a meditation. I had to see the heat and then be in the room with the heat and thus I could write the poem and the picture.

d) art forms

Digital art on the Ipad is strange because it is tactile but the focus is the same, seeing myself at a plant, melting aluminum down. I would like to explore and read the comments of some of the other artists, especially e.e. cummings, and how our texts talk about his notes. I would love to read those and see how he went about writing his poem. Paring things down to a “truth” or an underlying aspect of it features makes me feel unsure of my ability. I am not sure but it was noticed most people are not confident of their “abstracting abilities.” I didn’t do enough of the cooling down because heat keeps burning but not forever. This was difficult for me and I am curious to see how other others kept their focus on a single aspect of an object.


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