With My Body

Here is my screen-cast of my body teaching. Hope you like it. I am becoming a can that is being melted down to be recycled.


I keep thinking about this verb to recycle. I know from physics that energy can’t be created or destroyed. I know with my body and its’ feelings from my love of dance is that I can feel the energy of this melting process. I know that our readings point out that these are “deep” feelings and are related to our movements. I get the true sense that these movements come from the past. This is what I understand as deep. They have depth. I know they come from my past when I would dance and embrace the words of songs and the music and let my body go. I was always the odd one in the dance room in high school. I didn’t mind letting my body go.

This is a strange process. I think that letting your body show what it knows to do makes some stare. I lived in a small town, a rural, town and I felt, that to be myself I had to cognitively focus on the energy of the melody of the song and then the bass and beat. The process for me is to allow that melody to come in and take over my body. The thinking is that my body understands more than my focused thoughts about how to move with INXS and their song “New Generation,” or something deep and dark from Depeche Mode. The readings are very interesting especially with the idea that people who had lost a limb still want to use it and had prior knowledge of using it, and their body knew this history. My body had memories of dancing and I feel it in all my being and including my brain. I think this is thinking because I’m focusing my mind to allow the body to take control and its take control of what it knows and what it may want to know.

The poem in Unit 4 and the drawing had a big impact this week and the fact I had a tooth pulled yesterday that I had for 30 years. I was thinking about all the memories stored in that tooth and for dancing I pretended to be a can in that same plant and be melted down and what energy and shape I might have. My body knew it. My only explanation is from my love of dancing and dancing so much back in America. I still remember how to dance and to move. This knowledge may fade though. There is not much dancing here in Thailand. I chose this can shape because it can be molded.

My body and mind am fascinated with energy and the law in physics about energy. It just changes shapes. Now it took me walking home for about 15 minutes to feel energy in my legs and body. I then saw the picture I did last week and then the body learning and “becoming” something else, was easy. I took acting for a few years and the hardest part was memorizing someone’s lines. I always want to create my own, it has more energy. I never did any more stage acting and improvisation was always my joy. I like to use the spark in my body and then move from there. I see that body knowledge can aid teachers in the classroom and well with sports and dance, extensively. I hope you enjoy my screen-cast.


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