The Cycles of Reforming!


This is a challenge. I have to think of recycling in terms of dimensions. Now, I have no furnace, and I don’t want to burn my kitchen down melting down some odd plastics I find around our condo. I would have to create a recycling model. I have never been to a plant and only have watching molds from my dad who used to melt down copper and create hummingbirds from the melted down material. So this is my experience in modeling using the dimensions I think are correct. I do love recycled art and in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the United States, I saw how the artists changed old car parts and created a mantis. I remember that mantis standing erect and I looked and how the person or people modeled it. The dimensions were fantastic and I wondered how they got them so correct.

The cognitive for dimensions is mathematical to me. It can be done by measuring the ratios and using precise techniques to create the model. I have done a lot of dimensional thinking because I like to shrink an object from a larger one in painting the object and also in making the small larger. The cognitive tool is mapping, mapping out the scale in real life or visually. This must be done if you want a more scientific approach to creating a realistic model of the real thing. The video from our materials, the powers of ten, is a visual focus and estimation. I think estimating for art’s sake is wonderful. You are imagining the object in a new form and shape and “scale.” The clothes designers do this all the time while changing the dimensions of their sketches.

Now the problem with recycling for me is the waste and do I want any. In Thailand we are always buying massive bottles with drinking water and I wonder how can we not waste the big models are made and even the medium size models have a place. You can refill the bottles from water from a dispenser. So, the bottles are recycled in a sense and dimensionally you must fit the right bottle with the correct amount of water and how much you paid for. Sometimes I have been left with a bit of money in the water purifying machine so I need all shapes of plastic bottles in all dimensions and thus I need real models that store water to not waste the water and not waste these bottles. I am not sure about the recycling plants. Do they waste a lot of plastic they get? I don’t run them. Here is my dimensional think while getting “all” the water for my family.


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