I am Open


This is a new adjective for all around the world.  As you can get out and see the sites of nature and reflect on your own lives and rest and count your blessings, think about the word open.  Is your life open and are you open, to try new things, to talk to anyone, to say anything.  I know we should not always speak our mind and that makes sense.

They need to have an OPEN meter to allow you to see who is watching you or how much you are watching others.  They should print daily research and techniques to “open” your mind to new activities like eating crickets or large spiders like they do in Cambodia.  As Hannibal Lector says in the film Hannibal, “My mother always said you should try new things.”

Now Hannibal is correct in my opinion.  This may sound silly coming from a lunatic or however you describe him in the films or books or your profile of someone like him.  We should try new things and things that give us a tingly feeling inside.   The feeling like we might get diarreah sometime in the next two minutes.  I think this way because I used to have horrible OCD issues where I couldn’t leave the house and trying something new was as horrible as getting you front teeth pulled out in front of you.

Oh Language me or Language this, in any language, freedom of choice is an interesting option.  I have lived for a long time in Thailand where freedom to day things about certain public figures is not permitted whatsoever.  As Morrissey used to sing, “There is no debate, no debate.  Stretch out and wait.”

Now maybe Morrissey was right.  We should all just stretch out an wait.  We should wait for our moments to try to be open to change and experimentation.  We could even walk around with no UnDerwear!!

-What do you think think readers?  What risks would you take?  Or would you hold back and why?

Any comments are great.  Thank you.  Gracias.  Cam on.  Korp Kun Kap.  Domo.




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