When Pigs Fly


I always thought some things would never happen.  I was scared that by this time I would be a cyborg.  Could it be that bad?  At least my special part would work forever, right?  Does it take oil?  I know you are thinking, “When Pigs Fly,” then we will join a cyborg community and it will spread to all nations.  We will share all, even wives and husbands.  We are super clean right and would have no real feelings?

Oh don’t get my started about feelings.  They are over rated.  Sometimes I get so angry I curse for about 10 minutes and say the F work over and over. Franks Franks Franks….Oh you are thinking that a man not have feelings about intimacy and touching and loving someone forever.  The marriage vow is death till you part.  What is we don’t part?  Unless we have an intergalactic battle like in those “cheesy” Star Wars films.

Forever is a long time to be with a woman.  Right?

I mean you would get to know about every dirty part of each other and still love one another.  What if we hated to French kiss after so many years because our tongues became magnetic and as opposites we go stuck in a special situation?  I bet the French never though about Cyborg legions and communes and the joining of genders and races.  Cyborg sex changes, gay rights, transgender cyborgs.  There probably would be metal fetishes and for real arms?  Fetishes give me the creeps actually.

Could we last forever in intimacy if we were more robotic, at least the men?  Women say we are robots most of the time anyway and we suck, oil that is.


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